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A group project by Yiming, Zhaonan, Fengwei, and Lei.


This is my final project for the course ‘Design Methods for Interactivity.’ I took the team leader’s role, distributed tasks, provided the team with process and skill coaching, arranged and led meetings. During this pandemic period, the project was done 100% online; we effectively used various online production and communication…

The Walking School Bus (TWSB) Responsive Website Project


The Walking School Bus is a non-profit charity organization that provide students in developing countries with access to education.

The problem our client currently has is that their website is too content dense (over 100 pages), which makes it hard for their…

Real client group project for Proximity: An mobile app that automates contact information exchange.

Redesigned Logo

Client Expectation

Proximity is a company that was created to help you stay in contact with the people you meet in real life. With fun scrolling, swiping and searching features and a user friendly privacy model we hope…

My grad school coding project wrote on my own.

I tried to turn my journey of overcoming harsh times and breaking obstacles into artwork while demonstrating my coding skills. You can control the role with the mouse, try to catch the spheres, and avoid boxes. Boxes appear according to the music.

It looks like a game, but you will never fail — — I will give you extra lives when you think you will lose.

Never give up, and everything will be good in the end.

Due to the known issue of Processing video library with Mac Catalina system, I couldn’t add video capturing to control the role with head. I will add this function as soon as it is solved. In the future, I plan to turn it into a VR game.

I am a gamer for years so I would love to do something related to gaming. This is a self-start exploration project mainly focus on UI design but also include UX and branding. My fictional company is an agent that designs small games for different clients.

Creative Directions

1) Cool and Avant-garde Direction

For this direction, the…

Co-working Space branding and responsive website design with two landing pages A/B testing.


The project is for a new startup client who is launching an app that can be used anywhere in the world to find workspaces. I was working with two digital marketer to create a brand, define key…

My second project in Red Academy UX program. I was asked to make an E-commerce website for record stores on Main Street, Vancouver. As more and more people shopping online, we need to find a solution for our local businesses to help them catch up the trend.


When I knew…

Here I am sharing my very first UX project using the tools I learned from Red Academy in 2 weeks time. As a person who has no design experience before, I found it was an amazing experience and I enjoyed it very much.

About the Project

We were asked to prototype a mobile…

Yiming Wang

UX Designer

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